Why Us?

Flexible & Adaptable


Off line programming is an integral part of our production process, giving rise to a reduction in machine tool down time and a consequent reduction in cost to customers. 


Customer drawing data can be loaded either manually or by data transfer using all of the industry standards including DFX, IGES, VDA, SET, STEP, STL, DWG. Data can be sent to us via email, or brought in on removable data such as a memory stick or CD.



Up To Date


We can digitise existing components on our Tri co-ordinate measuring system and reverse engineer these via CAD as either DFX files or 3D point data. Using that data, we can replicate the required component.


Complete service

We undertake the procurement of fully certified materials, castings, forgings, extrusions and the sourcing and management of all surface treatments and coatings as required.


Case Study #1


Our customer approached us in order to manufacture the product as pictured. Initially they had asked us to bore a large tube so that it was one whole piece. We discussed this idea with them, and explained that we could achieve the same product by using a large tube and welding the ends on once they had been milled. The end result met all requirements and expectations of our customer and saved them a significant amount on the overall project cost.